The premiere film: "Spiderman: Away from Home"

In Hollywood, the premiere of the film: "Spider-Man: Away from home". The Russian film will be released on July 4. In the main role - already familiar to many actor Tom Holland. Chic Marisa Tomei, Zendaya, Anguri rice, Kobe Smulders appeared at the premiere in bright outfits. Marisa chose a pink transparent dress. Zendaya wore an extravagant outfit in black and red. Samuel L. Jackson was wearing a bright purple cap and a white suit. Tom Holland chose a stylish maroon suit, and Jake Gyllenhaal came in a classic way. In the story of the film Peter Parker with friends goes on summer vacation in Europe. But they will not be able to relax, Peter will have to agree to help nick fury reveal the secret of creatures that cause natural disasters and destruction across the continent.

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